On coaching…

“Paula Wilson gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions and behaviours. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Paula’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Paula did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered in a different way, and proved to be right ,100% of the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions. I would consider Paula to be the main contributor to the success that I enjoy as a business professional today.”

Kieran Kennedy, Managing Director, O’Neill’s International Sportswear

“Paula worked with our executive team for a year on a coaching programme. The process was excellent – intensive diagnostics to kick off the process ensured that the coaching was informed by need and targeted at key areas for personal development. Personally, I found Paula to be highly professional, intuitive, challenging and completely trustworthy. Possibly one of the most important elements of a coaching relationship is to have complete confidence in the coach – Paula is superb and her input to our team has been life-changing.”                                                                                                                    

Jude Helliker, Director of HR & Organisational Development, National Museums Northern Ireland

  • Paula provided valuable support;
  • I had recently taken over a large team and Wilson Sloan provided excellent  coaching in the area of new team development, performance management and goal setting for each manager
  • It has helped me enormously;
  • I found these sessions motivational;
  • Paula is a seasoned professional;
  • As a result of my coaching I have been adopting a different approach to the issues that cause me to get frustrated and or angry in work 

Comments from senior managers from NI Water regarding Coaching provision

“Paula created a supportive environment for us to discuss some difficult matters. We explored useful techniques to deal with these matters and it was amazing how much ground we could cover in one session. At all times, Paula had my best interest at heart and I enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend Paula as a leadership and management coach.”                                                                                                             

NI Water                                                 

‘Paula challenges thinking and enables you to view issues from a range of perspectives. Personable and professional I would recommend her to work with executives and make a difference’                                                                                                                        

Peter Martin, Director Development Ireland (resp for IOD Director Diploma, Ireland)

On executive assessment and organisation development…

‘I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Paula for the past 4 to 5 years and would have no hesitancy in endorsing and recommending Paula for work on any senior executive coaching and development assignment. I can think of very few who would be as well qualified or equally competent for such a role. Paula is a top class professional, dedicated and committed in everything that she does and would contribute hugely to any team and venture- she is a warm and friendly person but, also, because we gained and learned so much from her extensive knowledge and experience. The feedback from participants on Paula’s input and performance was excellent – In fact, the ultimate measure and testament to the quality of her work was the fact that clients looked to Paula to deliver similar coaching interventions for the management teams in their own respective organisations.’                                                                                                                    

Dom Crotty M.Sc, Senior Client Partner, Talent Q, Ireland

“Your support to our organisational development activities has been outstanding; you have also managed to gain the trust and respect of a number of ‘diverse’ people in the senior team, which is a clear sign of your excellent skills.”

“From the outset you engaged with the executive team demonstrating key insights into the needs of the organisation and underpinning these needs with a sound knowledge of theories and applied methodologies”                                                                          

Professional Services Firm, Ireland

We have worked with Wilson Sloan Consulting on a number of executive assessment exercises throughout our organisation.  Paula is a results focussed, commercially orientated professional whose breadth and depth of experience enables her to devise tailored executive assessment programmes in accordance with business need”

Kim Nesbitt, HR, Almac, NI

On coach supervision….

“I found Paula’s supervision immensely powerful. She asked difficult questions and never let me off the hook, helping me achieve clarity around a wide range of coaching issues and dilemmas. Her empathetic approach gave me the space to be authentic and find answers that were consistent with my own beliefs and values, and to understand where I was allowing myself to be driven by ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’.”

“More than that, working with Paula changed my thought processes, so I now regularly interrogate my actions to look for learnings, rather than just when things go wrong. Thank you Paula.

Brett Sadler, Founder & Chief Executive, UK Leadership Academy

“Paula has been my supervisor for the past six months and I have found our sessions invaluable. She is particularly good at listening between the lines and reflecting back in such a way that it opens up many areas for exploration and understanding. Whatever I’ve brought to the table, Paula has always been able to stand back objectively and to help me to find my way through. I have truly valued the work we have done together.”                         

Annabel Sutton, ICF Certified Coach, Author