Executive Team Coaching and Facilitation

We have considerable experience of working with Executive teams and Boards to realise their collective potential and to develop the business. Our role as facilitators is to provide structure, support and challenge to draw on your business knowledge and expertise and identify the best way forward. Support includes:

Facilitation of Strategic Planning: A session or series of sessions taking stock of where the business is, identifying risks, exploring key organizational issues and developing a practical and meaningful strategy to deliver business success.

Facilitation of Company Away Days: Exploring strategy and corporate objectives and assisting in translating what this means for teams and individuals. These events practically address key organisational issues and incorporate a motivational slant.

Facilitation of Executive Team Development Days: Tailored initiatives that specifically address the issues and challenges within a team. Workshops are designed to be challenging, insightful and motivational, harnessing the team’s resources and talents. These can be off site or residential if preferred.

Bespoke Leadership Training / Workshops: Programmes are specifically tailored to the organisational  and individual needs identified and use real work related examples to assist with learning transfer.